Snapshots from Rosemary Weekend


Some snapshots of our weekend at the Rosemary art show.
1. Sweet colorful zinnias mom picked from my garden. We decided that she is the official flower arranger for the art shows... she does a great job!!   These little zinnias brightened the table at our 2nd Rosemary art show for the summer.  It really has been amazing because of all the shows we have done, it rarely rains during the show. However, this weekend was very different.  It poured on Saturday afternoon and I was busily trying to get the rain off the paintings as we had a little group all huddled in our tent while the rain kept coming down. Despite the rain, it was a great show and it's always fun to see old friends and meet new ones and watch pieces of art go to their new homes.  

Snapshot #2
Here is new piece that I just finished.....the "paper dress".
It's so much fun using paper and have an idea of making a row of girls with fluffy paper dresses...  will hopefully be created this fall!

Snapshot #3
An extra special part to the art weekend was having my good friend,Samantha, come down to the beach with us. It was wonderful to hang out with her for a few days and she is always a true joy to be around.  I have known Samantha since she was a freshman in high school and remember the first time I met her... back in the early 90's ( summer of 1993). Her mom dropped her off at White Mtn. Creamery to meet with me and some other girls for a get together. It was one of my first days working as the girl's youth leader at Covenant Presbyterian in Birmingham, I was fresh out of college, and I was wondering if any girl would show up to eat ice cream. Samantha was a sunshine the first time I met her and I always felt that she was a gift in the youth group. Her sweet spirit, kindness, laughter and fun ways of looking at life made my days working as a youth leader so enjoyable.  I loved my job, but it was girls like Samantha that made me love it even more. Since that day at White Mtn. Creamery, we have gone on many many trips together and have so many memories. I think we could both write a book about the stories from youth group days.  Let's see, there is the time I had about 14 girls in a one bedroom condo and we were almost kicked out. Other fun times, camping at Grayton state park and a raccoon visited our campground, mission trips to Mexico and eating snow balls at Mr. Benny's in Sandtown ( inner city Baltimore), building houses with Habitat for Humanity, ski trips to Colorado ( the good and the bad), DC mission trips, trips to Desoto State Park... oh, the list could go on and on. We sure packed alot into those years... It's so special because through the years, I watched her go from a Freshman to now... a grown up and dear friend of mine..... I kind of feel like an older sister or something like that. Today she bought me my first official "Rosie" outfit since we received the picture of Rosie. I love this little outfit!! It was handmade by a girl who was at the art show and she sews vintage handkerchiefs on "onesies"  Will definitely cherish this gift by Samantha and I keep getting it out of the bag to look at it and imagine little Rosie in it..... do you see the roses? I think Rosie will have lots of rosy outfits!

Snapshot #4    Evening at the beach house... apple time and chill time.
Sweet ( cute) hubby diligently working on his laptop or reading... actually, I think he is reading a blog about a family who traveled to Russia to adopt their son.  We've been reading several blogs lately about families adopting and it's been exciting to think... we'll be traveling to Russia soon! yipeeeeee! Let's see....
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.... and Saturday- we fly to Moscow! and then to Krasnoyarsk and then drive 3 hours to meet Rosie!!  
Art shows are now finished for the summer and we'll head back to Birmingham tomorrow morning....and the countdown for Russia begins!