Blueberry Pie Party


From the blueberry picking day, I searched the web for the best blueberry pie and it looks like the recipe found is a winner!  The pie was delicious!!
Plus, Mike made a great meal of hot pressed sandwiches and butternut squash soup.   Yummm! Mike's butternut squash soup is like liquid gold... amazingly good!


The pie and dinner was not just any ordinary meal, we made it for a special reason.... We had our wonderful and dear neighbors over tonight for a going away/celebration for them. They are moving back to Augusta and we are very sad they're moving but happy about the future that lies ahead for them too. To say that Sam loved playing with their sons, Caleb, Jonah and Gideon is an understatement. ( He LOVED playing with them!)  Almost everyday, Sam would say, "Can I play with Caleb and Jonah? The boys are so precious and kind and a true joy to be around.  And Sarah and her husband,Mike are so fun to be with and we will miss them lots! I told Sarah the other day that I felt like they were angels here for a year... their entire family has been a true gift to us. They inspire us just by how they live and enjoy the day to day. I've learned a lot from them and look forward to keeping up with their family through Sarah's blog.
The going away dinner/party was filled with laughing, eating, watching the boys play, holding little Gideon and playing Wii bowling!  After the O'Neils left, I was folding clothes upstairs and thinking how much we should cherish the people around us because we never know how much time we'll have with our neighbors, friends, or family.  With our precious neighbors moving away, I am reminded again to savor the now and make the most of the days God has given us... to love well, and make time for others.  For our days are truly presents from God and the people God places around us may only be for a season. 
Ok, so these are not pictures from July. They are actually from a little snow shower we received back in the winter. But for Birmingham, snow is a huge deal. And we had the best day playing with our neighbors. Love these pics of Jonah, Sam and Caleb. 
One big group hug! These boys are great buds!

Little Gideon... he is absolutely adorable and has the sweetest spirit.
Isn't it nice to look at cool snow pics in the middle of July?  You can see in the background that it took 1/2 the yard of snow just to make Mr. Snowman.  
Ahh, love looking at these photos, they just make me happy!
We love you O'Neils and are so thankful for all of you! You are treasures to us!! Thank you for reflecting God's love and his kindness to our little family this past year.