Blueberry Day

There is a little tradition my friends and I have every summer. And it goes like this:  We get the kids together, pack picnic lunches and head out of town to go blueberry picking! We make a journey down the road from Birmingham to the most enchanted garden and fairy tale farm called Petals from the Past. I think I have been going there for about 7 years now and each year it becomes more and more beautiful. The berry bushes are bigger, there are more secret gardens and more fruit trees and fruit bushes and just more fun! 

IMG_1835I love love this place!  It has gardens everywhere you look and whimsyness all around.  There is a wrap around porch that goes around the entire farm house and inside the farmhouse is a treasure in itself. There are beautiful seed packets to buy and garden hats, tiny vases, all sorts of garden stuff and outside there are benches and tables that offer perfect picnic places.  I adore this place!  They have antique roses and every type of herb you can imagine.  I just bought several chocolate mint plants... love the fragrance and they taste so good! If you look to the left of the red roses... we picnic in that little corner on the porch.... every year. 

I could take a million pictures of this place and still not get enough.  This is a part of the vegetable garden with a sitting area in the middle... perfect.
And the blueberry picking begins.  Kids love this! To have the luxury of bopping around from bush to bush and eat as many blueberries ( all organic) as you like... is a kid's wonderland day!
(notice the shirts on the boys.. blue for blueberry day!) love it!

Blueberries are one of Sam's favorite fruits... we just pick and eat and pick and eat eat eat!
The berries were almost dripping off the bushes there were so many of them.
IMG_1858 These rows of blueberry bushes go on and on and on. Isn't this beautiful?

IMG_1856 Sweet blueberries.. and lots of them!

Blueberry rest time among the bushes. Yep, a perfect little spot to take a break.IMG_1872

A delightful day! So fun to be with friends and their children and enjoy a warm summer day in a sweet garden full of berries. Oh, I could just spend the entire day out there meandering through the different pathways and gardens, smelling all the herbs and looking at the colorful antique roses. ( oh, reminds me, I want to pick out a special rose bush for Rosie and plant it for her!) Would love a bush with big cabbage roses on it.. pink,fluffy and fragrant!  
So today was the day to pick blueberries and enjoy the sunshine and farm air.
 Tomorrow is the day to make the perfect blueberry pie. yummmm!