Garden Green


Fresh garden time!  My little garden is growing day by day, thanks to some nice rain and sunshine days.  The zinnias are starting to bloom, the pole beans keep on climbing to new places, the pear tree has some small pears, and tomatoes are green, and I picked my first piece of produce for the season.. a green bell pepper!  Why is watching a garden grow such a great thing?  It allows me to slow down and cherish this beauty of a little bit of land that was given seed, water and dirt to make beautiful creations.  This garden is small yet a big gift... it allows me to use all my senses ... touch, smell, taste, hear, see.  I love the earthy fragrance of tomatoes, the colorful pinwheels of zinnias, the happy freshness of mint, and sweet songs of birds fluttering around. The birdies especially love fluttering through the sprinkler and taking little baths in the garden too!  Sam wants us to move our table over to the garden and have a little garden dinner and say garden prayers too. ( he is already a romantic!) Think we may just have to do that during the magic hour.. twilight!