1...2...3 ... Jump!


Truly a perfect 4th of July day.... ( other than the getting lost on the way).. we loved our day at the Edward's lake house. Jumping off the dock was a big hit for the kids. Sam loved it!  And to play with 9 other kids in the lake is like a dream come true for Sam. He loves playing with others..... the more, the merrier! And it was definitely merry that day.  We had kids floating and jumping and running and fishing and swimming and laughing and adults skiing and floating and watching the kids have fun.  One of my favorite things to do.. watching Sam have fun and enjoying the moment... Love that part of mommyhood!

Some mommies and kiddies having fun in the water.  If you look closely, Tutle ( aka Amy) is on the blue float and her little 2 year old is on the opposite side of the float and is fast asleep. He slept out there on the lake for at least an hour.... so sweet!

Ahhh, this picture says it all..... lake, serene, peaceful.. beautiful.... love that tire swing... oh, do you see the tree face too?


The Ultimate Kiddie delight..... this is definitely how a kid would want their dessert to look like.... cookie cake with gummies and candy delight all over it. Kind of reminds me of something from Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory!  Yummm.. yummm.... a pure sugar high! 

Hope you all had a great 4th weekend and able to enjoy some sunshine and bits of frolick!