Rosie News!


Ok.. I can't wait any longer. I have to share the great news we received last week from Russia!!

We received a referral ( a picture) of a precious little Russian girl!!! And hope to officially adopt her and bring her home in a few months!! Yipeee! We take our first trip in 2 weeks to meet her and then travel in about 2 -4 months to bring her home. Wow, can't believe all this is happening so fast; our hearts are filled up with joy and we have our plane tickets booked and our itinerary approved from Russia so we are ready to go!  I am obviously smiling as I write! I can't show a picture of her on the blog but just found this sticker book this morning and thought it was perfect!


Look at these outfits... they are absolutely adorable! Love the Matreshka dolll inspiration! Definitely will start doing some sewing and crafty embroidery things.

We have been in this process of adoption for more than 2 years and it is almost surreal that this waiting is coming to an end! Yipeeeee!  Can't believe we'll have our little girl in just a few short months.....A little girl to hold, to love, to nurture, to make dolls for, make clothes for and paint little girl paintings for. When I think about this, I am beaming inside.

So onto more fun Russian girl stuff!  Oh, I definitely think these bright colored dresses wth flowers and such will start popping up in paintings of little girls. Love the little headbands they wear and look at the Folk Dancer outfits.... those red boots and little skirts!


More cute whimsy Russian clothes!

When we do travel to bring her home, it will probably be pretty cold outside ( fall in Russia is not like good ole mild Bham) so maybe she'll wear a fun outfit like the one above.Still am having it all sink in one day at a time. Am extremely grateful for God's sweet goodness that he has wrapped around our little family and for hearing our prayers. Sam has faithfully prayed for his sister almost daily for as long as this process has been going on.
I think I have wanted a little girl all my life. It's just a dream that I had and now this dream is really coming into reality.  Our little Robinson family is about to grow from 3 to 4 and we are all bopping around over her in Birmingham and busily getting paperwork together and visas and all the stuff that goes into bringing home our little Rosie! Happy weekend to everyone!