This weekend was a full one and if I could paint this weekend it would look like this.. 
lots of smiling faces
 bright color
putt putt golf
and birthday cake!

So here are 10 things that made me happy this weekend.

1.  Sam and his good friend, Ford, played putt putt and had a blast.  He even said it was more fun than his birthday.. hmmm.  I asked him " Sam, if you could pick Chuck E Cheese or putt putt golf, what would you pick??" He said, "Oh, that is a hard question, I can't pick." But then later, he did say, putt putt! Yes!! (deep inside I was saying, "oh, say no to the chuck e cheese".  


2. Fresh popped corn on the stove. Oh, it is the best! Add a little salt and butter and you have a perfect snack and it's whole grain!


3. My cute chef in the kitchen making chicken piccata and spinach pasta.. yummmm! He is the best! Just look at his chef-i-ness!


4.  Hanging the sign for my big bro's 40th birthday party. We hung a sign over the driveway of my parent's house...just like our friends, the Harrises, did for my dad... years ago. ( I think it was in 1979 or close to that date!) Wow, yearsss ago!  

5. Seeing my brother's happy face by his big 40th sign.


6. Watching the cousins play together. Sam lovvveees his cousins!! 


7. My niece is a true kindred spirit.  She's a little art girl and loves to draw and create girls and clothes and all sorts of things. She's extremely creative and so dear!


8. Brent's black 40th birthday cake.. gotta love it!

9. My fun frolicky girl birthday cake.  Mom's so sweet, she had a cake for both of us.


10. The drive home to Birmingham.... so beautiful.  Fluffy clouds in the sky and clouds in the valleys as well.
A perfect evening to drive home....right after a nice rain... fields all fresh and green. 
A weekend of happiness. And my heart is full.