Sparkle Days

Can you feel the Birmingham, Alabama heat?? It is here to stay for a few months and so to live in this heat  it's good to find some creative ways to enjoy it instead of scorn it.  Sam and I had the afternoon to hang out and we were planning on venturing to the pool but then decided to play in the sprinkler. It was perfect because:

1.  We watered our garden as we played.... so the tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, raspberries, pole beans and zinnias were all very happy. They thanked us by nodding their heads in the refreshing water.  Poor little plants.. the sun has been pretty bright, plus we are lacking in rain so they really enjoyed the afternoon water shower.


2. Sam and I decided to play a game... throw the tennis balls through the sprinkler and play catch. I loved the afternoon sunlight and how it made the water sparkle and it cast a little rainbow too!


And then the final how the glittery water is caught on film and Sam is standing with the sun shining on him.
Summer days... enjoying them and making the most of blue skies and warm days.