Garden Girl Fun


My sweet friend, Katie, made me a very special gift.... an embroidered garden girl bag! Love this little gardener!

She has her green and orange watering can,seeds in pockets, and little herbs too!  She even has her hair in fun buns,it's red and she has a headband! She is standing in the middle of her  orange tulips with her cropped pants and polk a dot shoes. Her little garden smock/apron is absolutely adorable! Oh, this makes me very happy. Right now, this little girl is on a canvas bag, but I may end up framing her and putting batting behind it and make it pop out of the frame. There is just something about embroidery that draws me in.  What is it?  Katie said it's very relaxing and I think I am on the verge of starting embroidery... have wanted to do it for a while now. So much out there to do and it's just making the time to do it and saying, "ok, tonight I will sit down, take out my needle and thread and create a little piece of art."  It's kind of like painting. I have to sit down and take out my brush and paints and start painting. Of course, one has to be inspired by something to embroider or paint.  Katie found this pattern from one of our favorite craft girls, Wee Wonderfuls. The Wee Wonderful girl has lots of fun patterns to embroider and so I think I may just tackle one and try it.   Katie, thank you for this frolicky garden girl. Need to give her a name....


This poem has been playing in my ear when I go out to water my little garden...

"Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row."

And her name shall be...
Mary Rose.