Bumble Days

Weekend... ahh, yes, the weekend.  Have to say that I feel like I have more energy in the summer. Is it because of the warm sunshine and the days are longer?  Love this part of summer. Love the mornings of just sitting around, drinking coffee and watching my two "boys" put together the gigantic star wars lego ship. I think it has 100 plus directions and they are on # 45. Goooo boys! Sam loves it and Mike loves it too because he can work on that annnnnd also watch Euro2008. We continued our "Rock it Robinsons" summer time fun. Played tennis on Saturday morning and went to our neighbor, Caleb's( Sam's great friend!) 6th birthday party in the afternoon. We love our neighbors! So thankful to have the O'Neils next door:)

Had to take a picture of what Sam worked on this weekend.... lego land.  There is a family camping but then there is the bad dragon and the warriors who want to attack the sweet little camping family.

Sunday afternoon bike ride. We now have a tag along for Sam so we can ride bikes many many places this summer! yipeee!  We rode in the Preserve on Sunday, but it may be a little too hilly so will do Homewood next. After biking, we went to a surprise "Going away party" for my friend Katie ( she is the amazing French teacher who organized the whole French camp). Katie's husband gave her a going away party because she is going to live in Mexico in July and learn Spanish. So exciting and courageous! Go Katie!


My sweet brown eyed bumble bee boy. Couldn't find his other helmets, so he had to wear the bumble bee one... this is a special one that he wore when he was 2 and 3.  I was surprised he was ok with wearing it, but think it takes him back to his "little days".

And the barn that I love... ( in the Preserve neighborhood).  I always imagine what fun things one can do with a barn.... have an art studio, teach art classes, have square dances with colorful Chinese lanterns hanging everywhere..... oh, so many adventures a barn could have. Of course, animals could live in it too!

All in all... good weekend and now we start a fresh June week. Welcoming sunshine and hoping for some nice rain showers as well:)