Morning bouquets

A ritual that I'd love to start is to walk about my yard every morning and pick flowers for the day.  That needs to become a daily summer joy. I love getting my scissors out and heading outside to choose the bouquets for the day. So fun to walk up to a flower... clip. And then another flower..... clip.  And another, another.  Pretty soon, I have a fluffy bouquet in my hand and the joy continues as I fill each little vase up with water and decide which flower goes where and what room each small bouquet will live. It's making the time to stop and just go outside and enjoy the freshness of the morning and the gentleness and beauty it brings as well.  This happy pink gladiola just popped up in our backyard and I have never seen it before. What a treat to see a cotton candy pink flower!

And the hydrangeas... ever so soft and beautiful.  Still thinking about ways to have flowers inspire dresses to paint.  If I were a fashion designer....

I would have an entire line of "flower dresses" and "garden skirts". And would definitely design some dresses with this flower as my inspiration....  can just imagine a pink soft fluffy dress with ruffles that are sheer and many of them.  Hmmm.... lovely.. lovely.  So, did gladiolas get their name from making people happy? Will have to go and research that.  Happy June day to you!