la la la la

Deck the Halls... with lots of art! Not Christmas, but it felt like Christmas at the Rosemary art show.
Domi is an artist that I have always admired. Have loved her curvy buildings and the flair, color and passion she puts into her paintings.  Usually, her art sells for over $1,000 but the art show was my lucky day! She had some things of hers in the back of the tent that she was just trying to get rid of so she was knocking down prices.  It was so much fun to pick out some Domi art! yipee! My mom bought a pretty flowery one and then I bought the big one in the middle. It has the Versace house on the left and lots of whimsy buildings on the right... ( Rosemary type houses). The painting is called, "Florida Explosion" and mom bought the two on the side for Mike, Sam and I.... so sweet of her!  The painting on the left has Domi's grandmother's recipe ( shrimp paella) written on the bottom of it... so clever! Now we all have Domi art and I have been playing around in the house and trying to find the perfect place for each one.  Each piece will probably change places a few times but that is the way it is with our house... paintings don't stay long in one place, they bop around and move around time to time.  I think the paintings like the different views, different wall colors,etc.  For now, one is in the kitchen area on a yellow wall, one in the hallway to the kitchen on a creme colored wall that has straw mixed in and then one in the sunroom on a yellow wall. Yipee for fresh happy new art!