Rosemary Days

 Yipee for the Art Show at Rosemary!  Favorite part about art shows is getting out of my studio and into the fresh bright air to meet people.  I love talking to little artists who paint and draw and love to watch their glowing faces as they pick out their real piece of artwork. (Smiling as I write this).  Love meeting residents of Rosemary and vacationers too. At the beach it seems that everyone is more relaxed and happy.  Even as Mike and I drove down 30-A,( one of my favorite roads in the US) children, grandparents,parents, 20 year olds, and teenagers were walking, running or riding bikes and they all had smiles on their faces or just plain simple contentment. The beach life seems to wash away worries and fears, and energize the today of life. Love the beach.. yes, I love it!

Paintings.. paintings ( Sam took the above photo... good little photographer!)... there is a certain joy when I gather all the creations that I have been working on and hang them in the tent. (Actually, Mike hangs them in the tent. He is the expert hanger.)  Sometimes I still look around and feel vulnerable... making art with my heart and imagination is sometimes intimidating because it is there for everyone to see.  But then, I think, "authenticity is needed... just being real and creating what you love is key."
Table..... with dresses that talk about Paris, love, trusting God and sparkling! And the happy pink gerber daisies with Rosemary are extra special.  My sweet mom gave those to me to put on the table... she is one of my greatest encouragers!
Last but not least.... the most creative skirt that I have seen in a long time! Yesterday, I saw these little girls walk around in these bright floppy hoop skirts! They were amazingly unique and whimsy....then I found out the designer makes them for adults! So exciting. ( Mike said the skirt looked like I was from "whoville"... (  thinking that was not a compliment)  But loved my new skirt even if it was Dr. Suess like. The designer and creator is Augusta and originally from New Zealand...such a sweet lady!  Her clothing line is Bold Mary! Love her imagination!

So good to sit down and reflect on the Rosemary days..... it was a zoom zoom weekend ( left Friday and drove back Sunday night)...but filled with sunny faces of children, old and new friends, my dear family, and the gift of doing what I love.... art!