Skipping to the studio to paint, to paint..


Color me bright and paint yes, paint!...everywhere and on lots of things.... including hair, shoes, face, and clothes, but that is part of the fun process of being free with art! This week I have been busily painting and getting ready for an art show this upcoming weekend in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Yipee for the beach... one more day!


Making some new Paris dresses..... ah, can I ever get enough of Paris??? mais non, mais no..

Little dresses, fluffy dresses, skinny dresses, dancing dresses... and the dresses continue...


And the dress of the day. I agree with Sabrina (from the movie), "Paris is always a good idea.".....
Now, I am thinking... hmmm, it would be fun to do a bathing suit, beachy painting saying, "The beach is always a good idea."......Paris and the beach.... always inspiring, always beautiful.  So, with that said, I am going to try to squeeze one more painting in and then start packing for the beach and dream of sunshine and blue skies and a nice ocean breeze. 
Happy Thursday to you all!