Getting sunshine


These Junes days are already getting warm.The "heat is on" here in Birmingham, Alabama. I think the best place to be when the temp reaches mid 90's is by a pool, soaking up sunshine, with a big drink and fun friends.... actually... that would be my high school days. Now when the temp reaches mid 90's, I am tucked away inside my air conditioned house and happily enjoying it's coolness. The "laying out" in high school just to catch a golden tan was pretty overrated.  Being a redhead with freckles does not really mix well with sunshine and tanning oil. But I would lay out, being the fairest of fair skin, and always try to get some kind of tan for the summer ( which ended up being just pinkness and more freckles). Secretly, I never liked sweating in the hot sun; however, there was one thing I did love about "laying out": the roof!  Laying out on the roof of my house was worth scorching in the hot sun. The roof always seemed like a treehouse or a secret kind of club.  My friends and I would climb up the ladder, bring our music, towels, drinks, snacks and make an entire day of it. Loved the perspective it gave.. being high up with the birds and the squirrels and looking down on the backyard, the front yard, the neighbors. Loved how the branches hung down and how the sunlight weaved through the leafy oaks.  Good memories, "laying out" was not about getting a tan but just enjoying the days of having nothing to do but sit on the roof, listen to music of birds, Duran Duran and talk with friends. At the end of the day, I would have more freckles and rarely a tan; but fun memories of just hanging out. Oh, the carefree life of teenage years... being 16 is nice once in life, but I'm happier being 36, wearing 50 spf, a big floppy hat, big sunglasses, and a sun shirt.  I'm over being "hip". Not that I haven't tried... let's see.... I have tried the tanning lotions... which sort of work for 1.5 days. And then there is the spray tan... I got in a capsule type thing and the spray tan machine turned on. I panicked as the sprayer kept spraying and I tried to get out.  As I jumped to open the door, my leg got too close to the sprayer and voila... a big tan streak down the side of my leg. ( which did not go away for quite some time). So, yes, I think I am over the "trying to get tan/hip" phase. The other day, a friend said, "your sunglasses are so big!" My response, "Wish they could be bigger and cover my entire face." There is something very freeing about being "uncool". It's actually fun to be unhip and I feel like I can get along with the sun now as long as I have my necessary protective layerings. ( I think redheads used to live in the rainforests).  So all that to say.....To all you fair ones out there and redheads.... and freckle people......cheers to you! May summer not be too harsh....... may we all book a flight to ... hmmm... Scottish highlands for the summer!