Morning Stroll

Paris la fleuriste-print
If I could put myself into one of my paintings for a day... it would probably be this one. Walking down the streets of Paris is pretty magical in itself.  Just the simple act of walking.. of course, walking a fluffy dog would be even extra sweet. This white dog in the painting is like a giant MoMo. I think I wanted to paint a poodle but it ended up looking like a labradoodle or goldendoodle.  Love those dogs and their fluff and happy faces.

Back to the simple act of walking....... there is something very inspiring about walking down the Paris streets and watching all the Parisian things going on.  The flower shops are each like little treasure boxes.. lots of beauty, color and sweetness in each one.  The cafes are filled with that aroma of cafe au lait and warm bread.  Little shops of this and that.... fruit stands that sell poms and raisins and les pomplemouse..... ( not sure if the fruits are spelled correctly but my favorite fruit to say is... les pomplemouse (grapefruit). But the best part is noticing the people and what they are buying in the market, how they greet each other, what their dog looks like, the style of clothing they are wearing, the hair, the hats, and the list could go on and on.

The fun thing to think about is that walking can be beautiful and magical anywhere... it's just going out and making an adventure wherever one's place on this earth may be.  So, along with riding bikes this summer, I want to walk as well and notice the magic and happiness in each little step, and a skip now and then.

Happy walking!