Crepes and Matisse!

More French Camp frolick!


Today was Crepe and Matisse Day!  We made homemade crepes and learned how to make them using all the fun french words for egg ( oeuf), milk (lait), salt (sal), sugar (sucre) and flour (flarine).  The crepes were so delicious and we had the girls choose between chocolate or jelly... you can probably guess what they chose!


Katie the crepe maker!


After we ate our delicious crepes, we headed to the Musee D'Orsay ( our art room) to paint like Matisse!
We cut out paper and made paintings with paper and paint! The girls discovered the fun of mixed media art! Love seeing their bright happy faces as they create!


After we painted, we ate our dejeuner outside... another beautiful June day. Isn't this a pretty little picture... all the girls sitting on their blankets and eating under the shade tree.  The drama of dejuener is always a pesky ant or rather ants, but that completes the picnic!


One of my favorite pictures...


And another one of my favorites... to see all their paintings lined up and their smiling faces is pure joy!

IMG_0903_2 .

My dear friend, Jill (aka Jilly Bean) and her two girls, Lily Kate and Lauren from Nashville have joined us for camp too! It is so special having them! Jill is a great friend of mine from college and her girls are so much fun to be around. Thank you for coming!


French camp is every morning this week... so after we have French Camp I head home to my little messy studio and paint the afternoon away.
Happy June day to you!

Au Revoir!