French Camp is Here!

 This past year my friend, Katie, came up with a great idea... to have a French camp! Katie is all things French.. taught French, has a French club, traveled to France, lived with French family during college and to top it off.. she is lots of fun and makes French come alive in the happiest of ways! I thought it sounded like a great idea when she talked about it; so I decided it would be fun to help her and add some Frenchy art as well.  After brainstorming and coming up with ideas, we started our first ever French camp!  Happy Van Gogh Sunflowers were painted yesterday...



and many Eiffel towers were beautifully painted today!  Tres Bien!  I think it is filled with super French things and the girls who are part of it are absolutely precious.  We have eleven 2nd - 6th grade girls and they are all very smart, highly creative and get excited about French stuff!  Here are some eiffles they painted today... it was great seeing all the different Eiffels... each one with their own design, color, imagination. So inspiring to watch these girls paint and be free with their art.


Oh, am loving these!

and these!

They were all bright and happy which reflected the entire day at camp.  For the past two days, we learned French fruit names, sang songs in French, had a French picnic( le dejeuner)  and snack... fruit and croissants,chocolate on toasted baguette... yum! We learned new French words and had a picture study of a Van Gogh painting and then learned some about Madeline's creator, Bemelman, learned about Van Gogh, painted his sunflowers, and painted the Eiffel!  Full French sunny days! Am looking forward to tomorrow!

Au Revoir!