Bike Day

Saturday Bike Day: 
This weekend we decided as a little Robinson family to make a theme for the summer.  We want to discover our town, Birmingham, Alabama in new ways and also bike in different areas around the city.  Am so excited about taking on this adventure and so our first bike place to ride was "Lakeshore Parkway" in Homewood.  It has beautiful pathways and some wooden bridges, wildflowers along the trail and of course, lots of birdies chirping.


So fun to watch Sam peddle along with no training wheels! This is his first official summer to do this.. yea!


While we were riding, we talked about what the theme should be called... we finally settled on the phrase that Sam came up with.... "Rock it Robinsons" summer.  Since we are discovering Birmingham and riding bikes and hopefully exercising more and getting out into the sunshine to do stuff, that term fits perfect!

Stopping along the pathway and discovering this area of the creek was a surprise... so pretty with tiny pebbles all about and sunshine peaking through. Perfect place for little boys to jump around in.

So the "Rock It Robinson" summer has started! It's official.... summer is here for us! Yipee!  Lots of adventures to go on, bike rides,swimming, camping, soccer camp for Sam, French Camp for moi, Canoe rides for Mike....  And also, getting back into the studio to paint, paint, paint! Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer.  May this be a special one!