Recipe for a Family Reunion

Family Reunion Ingredients:
Mom and Dad's (brothers and sisters)
In laws
Grandma and Grandpa
Lots of kids
different personalities
different ways of doing things
One house
One kitchen
Lots of food
Lots of sunshine
But key ingredient...Family

Throw in families together for a week and place them into one house, add some sand, some sunshine (for some.. too much sunshine), mix in bike rides, add some laughter and kid talk, ocean, pool. The recipe could be a disaster or it could be very sweet. Our recipe turned out to be a really sweet one... Robinson Family Reunion was a success! Despite Mike's really really bad sunburn, we had a blast watching the cousins play and hanging out with family for a week.  Sunshine days.... beautiful blue ocean..... sweet breeze..... starry nights.  Truly a favorite place of mine in the entire world. And then to add family to this favorite place makes it extra extra special.  These are days that I savor because all too soon Sam will be "too old" to do silly things with his cousins and we'll all sit back and say.."remember when?".

Claire ( the one and only girl cousin) painted this picture.  Love it!  Love seeing her creativity and imagination...I always look forward to seeing what she is up to and what she is drawing and creating. This time at the beach, she drew a doll house with many levels.... very cute! And she and Miles ( the other older cousin) wrote a great story.

Miles and Claire making play dough cakes and play dough super heroes.
Below: the three fisher boys-Miles, Ben and Sam.


Highlights....Love watching Mike with his family. One afternoon, Mike gave his dad a watercolor lesson.  Da painted a great frog! Sad to not get a pic of it.  So this is where Mike gets his artisan's from.


The watercolors.... always inspires me to just see the little blocks of color neatly packed into a travel case.


Another highlight... seeing the fun that Mike has with his brother, Andy.  They had a great time in the kayak on Western Lake.


And they had a great time out in the deep blue sea.. actually it was aqua green color... beautiful! Gee Gee and Da are in the background with the kiddies.


Another "jump" picture. Love these pictures and how they have such action and fun to them.
Each person is doing their own thing.  Well, I guess MoMo didn't hear the 1-2-3 jump!

And so the week ends and we go back to our day to day. But we'll always have these memories.
To just have time to sit and talk... to build a sandcastle.. to ride bikes and smell the magnolia blooms, swim in the pool... jump in the ocean waves..... sit on the porches, paint, laugh....make play dough cakes. These are all making memories and memories really are priceless.  I think i am beginning  see in a deeper way the  preciousness of slowing down..savoring the time we have... the family we have.... the days we have. Thank you Robinson clan for making this reunion recipe a sweet one!