Bike Paths by the Sea

 IMG_0318Hands down, favorite thing to do at the beach...ride bikes.

There are so many pathways to explore and secret places to find by the sea that I just smile as I'm riding. To be able to ride my bike to the grocery store, get ice cream, lunch, coffee.. whatever the need or want, is delight.... pure delight.  But then, I discovered something even more fun... a tag along bike that Sam can ride right behind me! It revolutionizes biking when Sam and I go on adventures together because Sam doesn't get as tired and I don't have to stress out if Sam is accidentally veering into the road. Yea for Tag Along bikes and fun journeys down our secret bike paths. Well, they are really not secret, but Sam and I like to call them secret, it just sounds more mysterious and adds more spark to our journeys!



Here is a little glimpse into a daily bike ride at the beach. The journey starts with this bike path/little road.....It's fittingly called "Birmingham Street".  We like the back way to Seaside and skip the main road. More scenery, more sand and rocks to ride over, but it's all worth it. We can see bits of the ocean as we make our way down the path.


 And my favorite house on this path. It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables.Great red doors and a sign over the doors that simply says, "Be Grateful."  Would love to just walk up to the front door, knock and meet the owner. I imagine she is very gracious and kind and likes to listen to the ocean at night on her front porch. She probably loves to embroider and sew.  Bet she loves to garden also.


More of the "Green Gables" house. Jasmine is toppling over the fence and the fragrance is so light and wonder filled as you have the scent of lemony magnolias and soft Jasmine plus salty sea air mixed in.



Grove Avenue is a little street that I love... the curly oaks give it a magical feel as if I just walked into a storybook. 

And then if you look down this street, you can see the ocean..... I don't know what it is about paths that lead to the ocean, but they are extra special paths... wherever they are. This one looks like it has a tree tunnel on its way to the sea.


This was our destination.... the garden path at Watercolor.  It is absolutely heavenly.  Flowers are everywhere and the best part is they follow a little stream down the garden path.



 And then there is Watercolor lake and the wooden bridges. There is one bridge that has the best sound when you ride over. It has  a click clack sound....kind of like a  little musical bridge.  Right now the lily pads have big white blooms on them and they seem to float about happily in the lake.




Caleb and Sam by the flower garden.


Our final resting stop... a big green field for the boys to play in. We had quite an adventure.. hmm..wonder where the bikes will take us tomorrow?