Laughter and Love= family

Some weekends are those extra special ones that one may wish to go back and relive. This weekend was one of those.  Mike and I both had our parents come in town to help celebrate all the events going on and we enjoyed  4 days of celebrating one thing or another.  It was truly filled with lots of laughter.. lots of love.  We celebrated Sam's birthday again at his party... fun times!( more updates on that later this week).  Then, we cheered for him at his kindergarten graduation.  We celebrated our anniversary of 10 years and then Mother's Day too.  But the core of the weekend, the reason why it was extra special was just being together.  Yep, plain and simple.... being together with our dear parents....with no set agenda on Saturday and Sunday but to just hang out.  And that is exactly what we did.


Playing bball in the driveway.  The boys....Mike, Da and Sam running around.


Mike was the CHEF for the weekend.  He planned a gourmet type menu a full week ahead. I think the painting he bought of "the chef" has truly inspired him.  The entire weekend was filled with one delicous meal after another and we had some "chopettes" helping- Nana and GeeGee! So fun to watch them under the direction of "chef Mike" or rather, "chef Robinson". The Chopettes sliced and diced and did everything the chef wanted.  He loved having his helpers/mother and mother in law in the kitchen. 


Great job chopettes! You can't see what they are doing but they are chopping butternut squash, onions, broccoli and potatoes for soup.   Can you guess the soup? Butternut Squash soup and Brocolli/potato soup.... oh, I am getting hungry just thinking about it!


Of course, the weekend was filled with good food because of the chef.  Here he is flipping an eggwhite omelette with two cheese omelet and spinach. One word... yum!



More bball with the boys.  Did I say how perfect the weather was on Friday, Sat and Sun? It was gorgeous. Sunshine blue skies and 70 degrees.... perfect May weather. Just perfect!


During our Saturday of fun, we made cupcakes for Sam's birthday party. Yes, another party.  How many parties does a 6 year old really need? But this one was a special one; it was our family birthday party... he was looking forward to it allll day long.  And what that really means is....he was asking all day long, "is it time time to open the presents?" Sam and nana whipping up the batter. The best part-eating the batter.  I think Nana liked the batter just as much as Sam did or maybe more. ( smile)


Frosting the cupcakes with the grandmas and getting ready for the party!



And the final presentation.... ta da! Cheers to being the great age of SIX!


And with the cupcakes, we had watermelon flavored snow cones. Great fun gift from one of his little classmates.  This will be perfect summertime snack!


Happy times at the dinner table.  Let's see, I think this night is homemade pizza night.


Sweet hugs from Gee Gee.


It's always special to watch Sam with his grandparents. Night time: Game time with Da.  Sam loves his grandparents so much.  And he has special relationships with each one.  Da is his action grandpa who plays basketball with him and games and all.  Gee Gee brings her "Gee Gee bag" and always has some great books and toys to intrigue Sam. Nana reads special books to Sam and plays fun games with him.  They are all very involved grandparents.. the kind that sit on the floor and play and are willing to look for that one missing star wars lego piece for 30 minutes or more.


Sam also has a sweet relationship with my dad/papa. Even though my dad has a brain injury and cannot communicate well with Sam, Sam always gives him hugs and kisses. Means so much to me to see that interaction.  These are the days when I deeply wish that Sam could know my dad when he was well.  But someday, yes, someday in heaven he will. But for now, it is precious to watch Sam love my dad in his own 6 year old way.



After our parents loaded their suitcases into the car and drove back to Georgia, Mike and I sat in a quiet house. We talked about the weekend and laughed about the fun events and then we both said how blessed we are to have the parents we do.  They have loved us well and loved us through the thick and thin of life.  They have supported us, encouraged us, cared for us, hurt with us, celebrated with us.  They have taught us so much and most of all, they have modeled and reflected Christ's love and kindness.  They are amazing parents.  They were by our side on our wedding day 10 years ago. They were at the airport 5 years ago, faces gleaming with joy, as they met our little Sam for the first time.  And now 2008, they are in our home, celebrating another birthday, another anniversary, another mother's day.  And life continues on. And their love continues on. Now we can start to understand that kind of love in parenting because we have our dear Sam.  This weekend was a great big hug from God.  It was a reminder to savor each moment with our family; to enjoy these days...laugh and celebrate. Mike and I love our parents so much and words can never explain how fully we love them. Thank you mom and dad.  Thank you Ted and Patty. 

We love you all so very very much.