Hello May!


Hello May! Welcome, Welcome! I picked a little bouquet for you.  May is one of my favorite months of the year. The roses are in bloom, the honeysuckle, jasmine.... irises, buttercups, daisies.  The entire yard turns into bits of beauty everywhere. Amid  packing for the Nashville art show,  I cut some dark pink roses from a rose bush by the fish pond and then some light pink ones by the "future" zinnia garden. ( hope to plant those seeds soon!) It was fun to watch the fluffy rose bouquet bounce around as I held them and walked around the yard.  I couldn't capture the bouncing or the amazing fragrance in this photo... but you can imagine it.  Good smelling, fluffy, pink, bouncy roses! I think heaven will be filled with roses like that but in a way that is even more glorious. There is definitely something to going out into your own yard and picking flowers. There is a happiness, but a calm sort of happiness in cutting roses and picking flowers..... there must be a great word to describe "calm happiness". 



Other happy times in our yard... the birds. Oh, the birds, they are having so much fun right now and if I was a bird I would be chirping all the time too. These days...70 degree weather, bright blue skies and the air is filled with the scent of roses and honeysuckle.  So, of course, the birds love that too!  They were singing non stop this morning.  Must be one of their favorite months of the year too.
Cheers to May! Thank you for arriving and bringing such bliss!