Polk a Dot Party!


A few days ago, Sam and I went to Caleb's 2 year old birthday party.  Caleb is one of our good friends and his mommy is a good friend too! It was an enchanted little party because the entire theme was sweet and simple: making cupcakes.  Of course, all the kids had no problem throwing on the sprinkles and eating lots of frosting. It was funny because I forgot how quiet a 2 year old birthday party can be. With Sam being 6 and very talkative and energetic with all his friends, walking into a room of little ones making small noises is something I have not been used to... but I liked it. Other than celebrating Caleb being the great age of  two, my favorite part was seeing all the handmade things that Caleb's mommy created.  She made his shirt with the two on it( actually, not the shirt, but cut the two and placed it on the shirt) very clever, very cute. And then....


The Birthday Crown!  Love the crown. So beautiful and it goes with all the other things Katie made, like the....


....bunting that hung between the door ways -little yellow and green polk a dots. I think bunting makes everything look so festive and cheerful. It would be fun to make bunting for ordinary days so when there is a day that needs to have an extra "zip" to it. Hang up the bunting!


Notice matching crown and shirt and crown boy ( Harris) next to Caleb.  Katie made all the kids crowns for their own birthdays! So thoughtful and creative!
Sam loving the sprinkles and cupcake!

And after the kids gobbled down cupcakes and teeter tottered around the yard, the kids went home with this- a little crayon holder that wraps up and ties with a ribbon! Love it!   Thank you Katie for being such a clever and fun mommy who turned a two year old birthday party into extra sweetness with your homemade creations.  Yep, I think you have some Marie Claire Idee -ness ( French craft magazine)  flowing through you!  You're an inspiration...makes me want to get some needle and thread out and make something.