Little Helpers


This past weekend I had an art show in my hometown of Cedartown, Georgia.  This show is not just an ordinary show, it is one that I look forward to every year because I see friends from childhood.  There is something about friends that you have known since grade school.  These are the ones that you played Barbies with, had spend the night parties and rolled yards, rode bikes with, and even got in fist fights with.  These are those treasured friends that will last a lifetime. They know you in ways that only childhood offers and it really is a true gift.

This weekend was a special one because two of my oldest friends from Cedartown were at the art show.  It was great being with them and what makes it even more special is that their children were with them as well.  One of my friends who I have known since first grade, Gretchen, had her two girls with her and they became my official helpers for the show.  Her youngest one had the calculator and helped me price my paintings which was very helpful.  She would go up to a painting and punch in the numbers... 53983322++... and then on to the next painting.  Both her daughters were so much fun to be with and they painted beautiful masterpieces during the show.  Creativity was buzzing everywhere!


Thank you Savannah and Elsa Quay for your great help!  Tiff and Greta, thanks for being such dear friends.
Love you all!