Dress time


More dresses designed and made from vintage patterns. Always fun to come up with ideas for these dresses. For this one, I had little blue birds holding it up with ribbons.  It kind of has that enchanted- "let's dance around with the birds and animals of the forest" look.  The best part about this dress is that it went home with a precious little girl this past weekend.

Here are some of the vintage patterns I use... of course, these are the ones from my dear treasure fairy!
Love that pattern right there... the  pinks and blues.... full skirt and the sweet collar.

Ahh, love these! Can't wait to show you a dress that my mom made.. it is from one of these patterns and she still has the dress!

All patterns from my treasure fairy, mom.  Yep, she's the best! So thankful she is a saver!


Another pattern dress and this one has I Corinthians 13 etched into the paint.  Love this chapter because it describes what love is really all about.  It goes straight to the core and there is no fluff fluff talk about it.  I'll never forget memorizing this chapter in 3rd grade at Trinity School.  It took a while to memorize but worth every second.  If I didn't learn anything else that year, I am thankful for memorizing the chapter on love.  There is definitely something to having Scripture soak into our heart and soul. 

Another Maria song pops up... gotta love Do Re Mi!

Zephaniah 3:17....Mike and I wrote this verse on the walls of Sam's nursery and would often sing it to him.  Such a beautiful verse to live by and to remember that God really does take great delight in us, he quiets us with his love and he rejoices over us with singing. 

Happy start to everyone's week!