Oh Happy Fairy Rose Day!


Fairy rose.. Fairy rose.  Yesterday, I sat outside in my yard and just enjoyed the sunshine and the roses. In the middle of painting non stop and getting ready for two art shows, I decided..."Ok, I will take time out for 30 minutes just to sit".  With journal and a glass of water, I sat right beside a very blissful rose-  the Fairy rose... the bush was filled with blooms and the scent was amazing.  It's a soft sweet scent with citrusy lemon too.  Love it!  I picked one of the blossoms and then had this thought.....


Oh, if roses could be dresses- the fairy rose would be a frilly light pink dress with lots of organza and sheer fabrics overlaying each other.  This rose is such a delicate pink.. almost a whisper so the dress would be that same light pink. Looking at the rose, can't you just see a soft flowing dress? It would definitely be made for twirling!


As I looked at the rose,  I then thought, "It would be fun to paint 7 dresses inspired by 7 roses" .. or it may be 7 dresses for 7 flowers,  kind of a spin off the movie, "Seven brides for seven brothers." I can imagine different frilly rose dresses, but I can also imagine a sunflower dress and a tulilp dress, a daisy dress and a phlox dress.. oh, and also a candytuft!  My mind is buzzing with the thoughts of flower dresses and rose dresses!


Just to look at one rose or one flower is really getting a glimpse into the heart of God because you see His amazing and beautiful creativity.  He didn't have to make roses smell so divine. But he did!  He didn't have to make them all different colors, but He did!
When I take time to look at all God's creation and then really take time to think about His creativity...it turns into pure worship.... rose filled, sweet scented worship. So sitting outside next to my fairy rose bush turned into a little time of being in awe of the Creator of the Fairy bush and also getting ideas and excitement of creating and painting dresses from roses. Oh, happy Fairy rose day!