Sunshine and pastel colored weekend

early Saturday morning.... before the art show.

Sunshine weekend!  Art show in Crestline was buzzing all day long and  is one of my favorite art shows of the year.  Love to see friends and new and old art buyers... the day hums along with joy and sunny faces.  Love to watch little kids bop around and pick out their favorite paintings.  So fun to see little girl's faces light up when they find that painting that speaks to them and says, "take me home"!


Here is a painting of 3 boys... a dear family friend from my hometown, Cedartown, picked this one out for her grandson's room.


And the entire weekend was glorious in every way....


The sky a brilliant blue, birds chirping and singing their spring time song.  Roses starting to bloom.  Buzzing on Saturday with art show and smiles and chattering....and then Sunday, a  sense of quietness... time to relax and rest.

There is a game I've played with friends before called, "name the week in colors."  The idea is to describe days of the week in colors.  I'll never forget one of my friends calling Sunday as her pastel colored day, filled with all colors of the rainbow and also favorite day of her week.   This Sunday was a pastel colored day... pinks and blues and purples and yellows.... beautiful, quiet and sweet.


The little blue watering can looks like it is growing out of the tree stump..
Love the powder blue color and dainty little violet flowers growing around it.
Yes,  definitely a pastel Sunday.