Peek into Art Time

Sometimes I wonder how people "do" their day or how their schedule and inspiration is weaved together for their creative/art/writing/design time.  I love to see pics of artist's studios or where or how they come up with their inspiration. It's always fun to see how other people live their life day to day and when they make their time for writing or art or whatever creative thing they do. So I put some pics together to show a little peek into my art mornings.


First....inspiration is key.. something has to grab my attention and give ideas..... I'm always inspired by something like this.  Love this bandanna from Oilily. The colors and design.. wonderful!
Then I....

Go to my desk and write and sketch what I'm going to draw.
Put on one of my aprons... this is the fairy one... nice and clean.. ha ha 


Walk out to the studio. ( view is from my writing desk)



Walking to studio ( usually have to make several trips to carry sketchbook, water, brushes, computer, and whatever else for the day. ) The studio sign beside the door is very special to me.  My in-laws gave it to me for Christmas.... they bought it in Italy last spring and carried it all the way back here...very sweet.
So that is the tour for now..... going into the studio... well, that's for another day... I don't think the camera would fit into it right now because of all the stuff.  But will get a pic of it after cleaning day... hmm... when will that be?