earth laughs....


"The earth laughs in flowers."  (ralph waldo emerson). Some flowers really do seem like they are laughing and giggling and nodding their heads in pure happiness of just being.
Love these words by one of my favorite poets, William Wordsworth:

"Through primrose tufts in that green bower
The periwinkle trailed it's wreathes,
And tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes.

The birds around me hopped and played,
Their thoughts I cannot measure,
but the least motion which they made,
It seemed a thrill of pleasure."

Today we witnessed a spring time rite of passage:  two little birds learning how to fly.  They were hopping from branch to branch and calling to their birdie mom; Mike, Sam, and I watched the little ones for a while.  But when they knew we were watching; they would stand like statues in the funny.  As I painted in the studio, I could hear the birdies chirp chirp chirp. Wonder what they were saying to their mommy.  Were they saying, "mommy, over here, I need some help!" or "Watch mommy,  I can do it.. I can fly!". 

These birdies are no ordinary birds, they have gone through some trauma lately.  About 4 days ago, the nice man who pruned our bushes, told me that after they pruned a bush, they saw a bird nest in it.  The bush was cut right above the nest so it didn't have the normal leaves and covering over it; but the nice man who pruned our bushes kindly put some dead branches over the nest to protect it.  Thankful he was so thoughtful and cared about these tiny creatures. That day, I went out to check on the birdies and they were huddled in their nest and I thought to myself... "oh, I hope they make it and that the mommy bird comes back to the nest". I would check on them during the day and said some little prayers for these birdies.  A big storm came through yesterday and produced hail and strong wind... after the storm, I checked on the birds. They were still there, all cuddled together.  I was still hoping the mommy was around.
One of the pieces of hail....a little bird would consider that a big rock!

After the storm.. the sky was beautiful.. it cast a pinkish tint on everything.

Then today, oh today... the birds were out of their nest and on the branches singing and chirping. It was very exciting to see the birdies having their lessons on flying.  I bet the mommy bird said to herself... "Enough of this nest that is too close to rain and wind and chunks of  rock ice."   I am getting my little ones out of here!"  Tomorrow,  there will be more tweeting and singing and I wonder if  it will be the baby birds who learned how to fly.