Cowboyland today at the Robinson house.  Notice the colorful bandannas!  It was so much fun getting Sam and his 3 friends outfitted and ready for their battles. Helping them pick which bandanna they wanted to wear was it's own adventure. ( the right color was a big deal!)  I love to watch boys play and use their imagination; they come up with the most creative little stories and little lands of battles.  One minute they are shooting hoops in the driveway and the next minute they are running around as cowboys in their "wild west". My dear neighbor, Sarah,  ( and mom of the two boys on the left) wrote this today about her boys... loved what she said.  "There are times when I find myself ready to chastise them for being too wild, too loud, or getting too dirty, but then I step back and realize that they are merely exploring the world around them. They are LIVING."  I need to remind myself that same thing. I remember before Sam, I used to be so judgmental of how moms let their boys run around.  I thought to myself, "Oh, they are so wild!" But now having a boy,  I have been humbled and realize that boys need to run and play and jump and shout.  Love what Sarah said, "these boys are living."  They are explorers and are taking great adventures every day. They have curiosity and crazy fun all mixed together.   So cheers to these little cowboys... enjoy your littleness, enjoy your free spirits and may you all stay young at heart and curious and full of wonder all your days!

Did you know that some cowboys carry blue light sabers and pirate swords?


They are ready for some sort of battle... gotta love the faces!


After the wild west is won and the day draws to a close, I see this little 5 year old's sweetness and my heart melts. Wouldn't trade Sam's joy and true love for life for anything.  He is a boy full of wonder and his personality, his laughter, his smile, his sweet brown eyes.   And to think this little one is on the verge of turning 6.  The countdown has begun and he enters a fresh new age in 6 days.