Sensus Lusus ( playful spirit)

So what do you think about this outfit???

I love it!  Love every part and you know what makes it so perfect?  This little girls' smile.... I can just imagine this little girl has a lot of fun in life and she laughs alot!  She seems full of a "sensus lusus"  (playful spirit) and if any girl had this outfit on, I bet she would feel she could become her dream.. whether it's a famous violin player, tennis player, artist, scientist, teacher, nurse, writer, naturalist, physician, or mommy.
Yep, this outfit says it all:


Pure joy

Not all things have to be matchy matchy in life.

There is a lot to be said about having a sense of humor.


Free Spirit


Sunshine and pineapple love (look at her purse!)



Fun Fun Fun!

You may be wondering.. ok, where did this outfit come from??

The idea for this type of clothing was born in the Netherlands in 1963.

The company is called Oilily. And to this day they have been making their clothes with beautiful creativity and artistry. I would call them "pippi" clothing.  Love their colors and design and their just plain happiness to life.  The one drawback is price.  But looking at them makes me feel a little more free and a little more bold with playfulness thrown in. Happy Day to you all!