Treasures, treasures!




Yipee!  The Treasure Fairy sent these in the mail!  It's so much fun to receive packages in the mail that contain .. not diamonds or furs..... but old vintage wonderful things. For example, I have this sweet treasure fairy who looks for things that can go in my paintings.  This fairy knows me well and she is full of great ideas!  When I told her that I was going to use sheet music, old paper, book pages, patterns and buttons in my paintings.. out she flew to the flea markets and thrift stores.  Somehow she always finds that perfect vintage children's book or the sheet music of one of my favorite movies.  She has a gift... do you want to know who this fairy is????

... drum role.....

This fairy is my dear mom!

Yes, she has been traveling around to find these vintage and oh so loved treasures.   I could write a book on my mom/fairy because I can't imagine a more wonderful, loving and encouraging mom in all the world.  She is always there with support, a cheery word of encouragement and most of all... unconditional love.  When I started painting, she was right there painting with me; back then, we were painting children's furniture and had no idea how that would evolve into what I'm doing now.  When I moved into my new house,  we wrote down all the furniture we needed to fill the home and she went out and found every single bit of furniture.  She even went to auctions and bid! She spent hours painting tables, dressers, chairs and many many other things and she helped  make this dream house into reality.  I called her Santa Claus as she pulled into my driveway with a van full of furniture and she kept coming back with more and more!  Each time she came, we had the best time figuring out where to put this and where to put that... it was one of my sweetest memories with mom.  But we have lots of sweet memories together.   We ride our bikes together at the beach, spend hours talking on the phone, plan fun little events whether it's the next birthday party or just a family get together.   My mom, yep, she is my hero.  She is the one who has taught me what love is all about... what devotion is all about. She is also an artist and taught me how to draw trees in first grade.  ( do you remember that mom?)  When I was in elementary school, she gave me loads and loads of paper so I could draw until my heart's content. And she is the most beautiful example of  being joyful even on the hard and difficult days.
She takes care of my dad who has a severe brain injury and she is the most patient and loving person that I know.
She is genuine and real and always finds that bright spot on cloudy days.  I am blessed beyond words to  have her as my mom.  She is a gift and a treasure to me.  She is my dearest friend in the world. 
As I look at the picture above from the Sound of Music sheet music, I think my mom's personality is like Maria ( Julie Andrews) Maria always found the sunshine in every moment.:)  That's my mom... except you'll have to imagine her without the guitar and perfect notes. ( smile)

So, on this day... I send a thousand hugs to my mom and thank her for loving me and supporting me through each endeavor I delve into.  This package that came in the mail is not only patterns, buttons, a children's book and Sound of Music Sheet Music  ( which is all absolutely wonderful!) ;  it is a reminder that someone knows me and loves me... and that is worth more than all the diamonds in the world.

Thank you mom. I love you!