Little artist/Star Wars fan


"Every child is an artist." Picasso
I love it when Sam wants to paint and hang out in the studio. But for a 5 year old ( almost 6) painting is not his
first priority.  He will come into the studio for a bit and squish out different colors of paints, but then he is off to the great outdoors.. fighting Darth Vader or whoever is the villain for the day.  What I love about Sam is his free spirit, pure joy and imagination.  Sometimes I like to just listen to his little stories he creates with Playmobile or the Star Wars battles he has with his little friends.  He is at that wonderful age of littleness yet growing, growing. How I long to freeze some of these moments.  Love these days with him.. love it when he runs down the hall at school ( in front of his friends) and gives me a big hug.  How I love this little artist.. .full of imagination and wonder.  He reminds me daily to look and listen and enjoy the simple things of life.  Thank you dear Sam.

hmmmm. what paint color should I try next??