The Sea


Little seaside love:  I'm not at the beach today but can definitely feel like it just by looking at these pics.
I absolutely love going to the beach and think it is one of my favorite places on earth. This beach is no ordinary beach, it is magical, it is small and it is my idea of true rest and play.  Some of my favorite times while by the sea is biking to this pavilion and sitting in one these chairs. I usually take my pink thermos filled with coffee and my journal. Once I get to my destination, I say hello to the sea, sit down, take out my journal and write.  It is pure luxury; to gaze at the ocean and write, hearing only the sea. Yep, one of my favorite places in the world... this little pavilion by the sea.

More of the seaside love and beauty. Don't you just want to jump into this picture?

And my little lovie fisherboy..... he is just beginning to fly fish because his sweet daddy is in the process of teaching him. So many sweet moments at this beach, this wonderland.