My desk:
This is one of my favorite spots in our house. It is my writing desk in our bedroom and I feel as if I'm in a treehouse because our bedroom is on the 2nd floor and it makes me eye level with the birds in the trees and they have no idea I'm watching them. 

This little view from my own perch.. my little desk brings these delights:
Birds as they chirp and sing along with the boppity bop chipmunk and baby squirrels... the bright colored koi jumping around in the pond. Usually it is only in the spring that they make their frolick known, so it is always a treat to watch them play!  The view provides the changing of the seasons and on rare, very rare occasions, a light dusting of a snow which makes our yard a fairyland.

Morning times at my desk give great inspiration and good time to think and just be.  Love to make this a prayer time and writing time all mixed together.  Through this time, I write down my dreams, goals, prayers and Scripture. One of my favorite verses ( which a dear friend showed me) I love to write and re write in my journal is about art and life:

"And I was a craftsman by your side. I was filled with delight day after day. Rejoicing always in your presence. Rejoicing in your whole earth and delighting in mankind."  Proverbs 8:30
I pray through this verse  and love to say it as I'm painting. To think of being a craftsman by God's side day in and day out and delighting in His presence moment by moment is truly a full and rich life.  It really is pure delight to watch the birds and little animals playing outside ( delighting in his whole earth). And then, delighting in mankind... how I want to delight more in mankind, to see each human being as created in God's image and to love deeper and stronger as each day passes.