These days...


Cherry Blossom days.  They don't last long here in the south, but everyday is true delight as we drive down the "Cherry Blossom Road".
There is of course, the best Cherry Blossom tree on our road and one day when we were at the stop sign,  I told Sam and his friend to take time and  look at this special tree.  I told them it was not just a Cherry Blossom but a fairy tale tree.  It was frothy and dripping with pinks and  whites and the blossoms were all over the cars parked in the driveway... magical.
Hmmm. makes me think about planting one in our yard. We planted two at our old house and we love driving by our old "happy house" and looking at them blooming... oh, brings back sweet memories!  Drives in springtime are not just the "oh I have to drive today". A drive to Sam's school in the morning is more like a drive through different gardens.
Every moment driving to Sam's school is filled with delight as Sam and I call out the names of plants and trees in bloom, "Cherry Blossom! oh, there's a Dogwood... look,Wisteria!"  The list goes on.  This time of the year is absolutely filled with nature at it's most beautiful display of splendor. 

Img_9302_2_2  Here is Sam's kindergarten class on the bridge in Birmingham's Botanical Gardens.  We had a fun time at the gardens and learned about the secret life of trees. It was really interesting and of course, the gardens were beautiful.


More Cherry Blossom pretties....LOVE this photo and the colors of pink and blue.
I found this on flickr and the photographer is Jaime Walsh. Oh to take photos like that!