This is me. I’m Tricia. I love color and whimsy. I love the beach. I love bubblegum pink. I love creating the “beautiful wonky!” To me, wonky stands for the beautifully imperfect. 😊🎉

And I love the beautifully imperfect! It gives so. much. more. freedom!

When I am happy in the wonky instead of the “glossy pages of perfection”, then the magic happens! I can laugh in the middle of the hard and carry a song in the healing. .

When the painted flowers on the canvas are lopsided and my dining room table is leaning towards the middle, I can smile. There is wonky in my face wrinkles and there is wonky in my hair cut. .

When I let go of the “performance” and the “have to” and the “shoulds” and the culture of “southern culture” and just say, “this is me”, I feel like a bird just released from it's cage. .


I love to draw girls and dresses and houses and flowers, just like I did when I was eight. And it is still wonky. I love fashion design. Just like I loved as a teenager. But I love wonky fashion design like Gucci… mismatched colors and fabrics... so beautifully imperfect. .

Fast forward from 8 years old to 30 years old. And it was at 30 that my art life bloomed again. It was a reblooming. A butterfly time. I was inspired by a “wonky” artist at the beach by the name of Nancy Swann Drew. She was my hero because she painted with color and freedom. .

From her inspiration, I picked up pencil and paintbrush and a sharpie marker. I played with paint and added paper to my paintings. And my art career began! 🎉

A little gallery at the beach started selling my paintings. Then I entered art shows. Then it was Saks Fifth Avenue. And then some celebrities bought my art. And people actually wanted to take lessons. I started “Art Nights” with friends painting around my dining room table. And then started camps and retreats. It’s been amazingly wonderfully wonky!
Magic happens in the wonky! . .

Cheers to all the magic and all the wonky of life! And cheers to our God who believes in us. 💕
“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” –St. Catherine of Sienna.